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Day 1 Teachings from Sarah Clark Music

​*27th September 2k17*



*TEXT :1 Corinthians 13:4-5,13 (NIV)*

4. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 

5. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

13. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Now, there must be a reason why the Holy Spirit wants us to truly understand the God-kind of love. One day the late “Mother Teresa” of Catholic Church in India said that ” physical diseases can be cured by drugs; hunger and thirst can be satisfied by a piece of bread and water but some emotional diseases can only be healed by love”.
Recent happenings in the world, shows that many people are sick both *physically and spiritually.*

How did we get to this condition of emotional sickness?


As humans, selfishness and greed has become the order of the day for many. *We are not interested in people but we are interested in material things – things to satisfy the fleshly desires.* We are not interested in the Creator but we are interested in the creations. All these has resulted in people being emotionally sick. People don’t care whether their self-seeking attitude will hurt their partners. People are willing to go any length to take decisions that will satisfy themselves; even if it becomes at the detriment of others.
How do we tackle this kind of emotional problem? *Just show people sincere love. Love that emanates from God. We should not be self-seeking but selfless in dealing with one another.* 
*Let us love one another as people and with the help of the Holy Spirit we can reduce emotional sickness.*
*PRAYER* Lord help me to desire the agape love and show others the healing power of your love.


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Sarah Clark to headline 2017 ENDLESS Worship In GHANA

UK Based Gospel Song Of The Year Winner ,SARAH CLARK, will headline the maiden edition of an upcoming biggest annointed gospel concert dubbed ENDLESS WORSHIP 2k17.

The event is to engage all gospel music lovers in a thrilling of music.Views from outsiders are tha, Sarah Clark is he best fir the event because she is known for her captivating and soulful music delivery.

The event will be held on the 8th October 2017 @ United Church Of God – Central Assembly _Nungua adjacent Adb Bank. Time:3:00pm and is been powered by OMC.

Gospel Ministers to represent are; Min.Paa Sammy, Min. Nii Isaiah, Min. Nana Gyasi, Min. Evelyn Mintah, Min.Awurama Ahinful, Min.MP Nation, Min. Jackson Quaye, Min. Adela Abigail and many more…

Come lets bow in WORSHIP.

Psalm 95:6 

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Message from the camp of Sarah Clark Music

God can delay our dreams for a reason. He would want to make sure we are fully prepared to handle the next level of promotion. Once He sees that we are not ready, He will keep moulding us to conform to His will. For instance, when God called Moses, He took him through the wilderness for about 40 years, so he could unlearn some of the things he learnt as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and to learn how to depend solely on Jehovah.

David also had to leave his father’s house at an early age to look after sheep, so that he could know the Lord as his Shepherd. Finally, Joseph went through character testing before his dreams were fulfilled. So you too must pass the test.

Good morning and have a blessed weekend.

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Message from Sarah Ckark to Fans…

​What is the motivation behind the things you do? The songs you sing and the words you preach? Are they to please God or you just want to prove a point? God weighs our motives, the intents of our heart and knows exactly what is in there. It is time we do things because we want to please God and not because we seek man’s approval.

When a man claps for you, the echo may only last for a few seconds. But when God claps for you, the whole earth will hear the sound and feel the impact. Seek to please God, not mere men!

Good morning and have a blessed day.

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◆ Sarah Clark

Venue:United Church Of God. Sheperd’s House Auditorium Adjacent ADB Bank-Nungua.

Date: 8thOctober,2017

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The Battle Has Ended – Sarah Clark

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Lifestyle: 5 easy ways to spot a fake smartphone


A major problem that many top phone manufacturers are encountering is the cloning of their brands. This trend continues despite the painstaking efforts to make cloning difficult. Despite this, the counterfeiters are having a field day faking these brands and it has made it hard for users to differentiate between counterfeit and original phones.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares tips for identifying a fake device.


Manufacturers of counterfeit products are sometimes careless with packaging. Phone makers will always take care of the smallest details of design and packaging of their own goods. So, take a close look at the package, paying attention to the print quality ensuring consistency. In addition, ensure nothing should be loose inside.

Look at the wires and plugs

The quality of the wire is an important sign of a counterfeit product. If it is original, a plugged-in cable will sit firmly and evenly, while in a fake, you will see loose parts.

Check the user manual

The user manual is one of the easiest ways to identify a fake gadget. Every relevant information about the device must be there in the language of the country of purchase. If it’s written in some other language and you cannot read it, then it is a cloned brand.

Look at the fonts

All fonts and symbols on the gadgets must be similar, readable and regular. If this is not the case, it means the phone is fake or counterfeit.

Pay attention to the material

The material used for making a phone can either be high or low-quality. Popular brands don’t cut back on materials. The plastic covering the phone must be smooth, without any creases.

Lifestyle: When sex hurts and what to do about it


They said there was nothing wrong with me. Gynecologists. Gastroenterologists. Even a lung specialist. They ran tests — CAT scans, X-ray’s, blood labs, you name it — to rule out tumors so big as to cause severe pelvic pain during sex.

This was the route I — and thousands of women — go through to find an explanation as to why sex hurts. Why we feel tight and shut down with a person we love. Why we can’t find sexual pleasure (or orgasm).

Each test and positive affirmation that there was nothing wrong with me sent me further down the spiral. I wished — hoped, prayed — that there was something wrong with me. Because that something could counter what was dominating my mind: that I was broken as a woman.

Painful sex didn’t just ruin my sex life, it ruined my marriage and my life.
I avoided touch that I craved (long after my marriage ended), in fear that it would lead to “more” — and more I could not do. Feeling alone and ashamed, I pulled back — first from my husband, then from any potential sexual partners. I stuffed my emotions, disappointment and anger, instead channeled my energy to shopping, cooking and baking (and the eating that followed).

Most of all, I felt that my body for betraying me, failing to perform when I needed it to. So I had disconnected from it. I had pushed it away.

Little did I know that I was actually betraying my body.

Somewhere along the journey of being the wife I was supposed to be — the woman who pleases and is a pleasure to her husband — I had lost connection to myself.

I had stopped listening

I had stopped listening to my body: what it wanted, what it needed, what it found pleasurable. Too often, I choose what he wanted, going at his pace. I felt less-than-courageous to ask to slow down, pay attention, give me the kind of touch that would arouse, stimulate, turn on.

I had stopped listening to my emotions. The resentment, sadness and disappointment I felt about sex being oriented towards his orgasm — I took a deep inhale, and I stuffed it all in.

Those emotions were telling me that something was wrong, uneven, unsatisfying, but I ignored the message. I packed the emotions in, growing more wound up inside, building up the tightness in my body that then created pain.

And lastly, I had stopped listening to my intuition, what I knew was true for me within.

My body wasn’t betraying me. I was betraying my body. I was betraying myself.

The wake up call came when I realized I wasn’t dealing with a medical problem — but a spiritual one.

Fast forward to today. This experience — and the beautiful journey of sexual discovery and opening that followed — led me to become an intimacy and sexuality coach and focus on women’s sexuality.

What I thought was uncommon as a newlywed, I now know is in fact very common for women. Too common.

As many as one out of three women experience painful sex. From mild discomfort to excruciating pain, tightness and pelvic pain during sex prevents women from enjoying themselves and their partners
and it affects their lives.

In my coaching practice, I hear women share, sometimes through tears, other times in bouts of anger:

“I question if this pain means that I don’t deserve pleasure.”

“What if I am not meant to be a sexual person?”

“I feel so alone and lost.”

“Why is my body doing this to me?!”

“I want to be with my husband, and my body is betraying me.”

When sex hurts, it truly feels like the body is betraying us, holding us back, letting us down.

Pain during sex not only ruins the moment, it can have deeper consequences: fear of sex, lowered libido, and overall disconnect or loss of intimacy in a relationship.

When my clients come to me, this is what I tell them: Pain is your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. And it’s your job to slow down and tune into what your body is telling you — and to heed its needs.

It’s not merely physical. And it’s not purely in your head either.
It’s both.

The bad news is that we often train ourselves to close off to pleasure (creating tightness) with our thought, beliefs and actions. Our bodies react to our emotions and state of mind by tightening up, leading to uncomfortable experiences, which then evoke more negative emotions and self-talk.

The good news is that with some help, we can rewire our bodies to open up to pleasure, both physically and emotionally.

In my private practice as a women’s sexuality coach, I work with women who experience discomfort and pain during intercourse (and therefore cannot enjoy their sex life).

To help understand what’s happening “down there,” I am going to break down the most common psychosomatic reasons that contribute to painful sex and how to rewire your body to pleasure.

1. Tune into your body and listen

Our bodies speak in whispers and nudges, sometimes too softly to hear over the loud negative voices in our heads.

They signal what they need and what’s not right for us. Yet we are taught to disregard the body’s messaging system, overriding it with “but it’s not that bad”.

For most women, painful sex doesn’t come out of anywhere. There is a progression.

Many women lose their natural lubrication when the sex they’re having is less than what their body needs, resorting to lube as a substitute. The use of lube, while helpful as a complement to natural lubrication, can often mask an underlying problem — that the body is not ready for intercourse.

It takes much longer for women to get ready, requiring much more physical stimulation all over the body and meticulous attention from her partner than most men (and women) realize.

And in today’s way of life, most women are running on empty, when it comes to pleasure, relaxation and space. Our bodies cannot afford a bout of intercourse because it might actually leave us emptier than we started with.
When a woman dials in to what her body needs — and fills up on receiving what feels good to her — she quickly begins to see greater physical responsiveness.

2.Pay attention to what you’re feeling and telling yourself

When you experience pain in this tender and vulnerable area of your life, self-doubt, fears and self-judgement will undoubtedly creep in. Because sex isn’t just about sex — it’s about intimacy, identity, image, and relationship.

Negative thoughts and beliefs signal danger to our body. When we don’t pay attention and manage the thoughts that run in our head, the body literally lives in fear, responding by shutting down non-essential systems, including sex organs.

Beliefs translate into a body response, and it quickly becomes a vicious cycle. When we believe we’re in danger, our bodies close up. When we believe we’re not worth pleasure, our bodies tighten. When we tighten and it hurts, we create more self-doubt and fears.

The key here is not to ignore the fear — it’s there to protect you. Underneath the fear and the negative self-talk are real emotions — of sadness, disappointment and anger.

When I work with clients, we pay attention to what is happening and cultivate the inner wise voice inside, the one who knows what’s right for you. We ask “what do you want?” and listen carefully to the answer. We make “her” louder, so the fear can no longer derail her.

When a woman honors her emotions and connects to herself, uncensored, her body relaxes, opens up and melts.

3. Speak up

It’s not uncommon that the places where we’ve stopped listening to our bodies are also the places where we went silent.

And that silence — and the loss of intimacy — leads to the loss of safety in the relationship, which often has the body shut down further.

Women need safety to open our bodies — both physically and emotionally — to let our partners in. And we don’t take this seriously enough.

From asking to slow down, to guiding your partner to what your body needs, to saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t feel good — speaking up restores our power to honor and respect our body, creating deeper inner connection, relaxation and joy.

Painful intercourse is a mutual problem. When women bring in and involve their partners in finding solutions, intimacy grows, bringing couples not only pain-free sex, but an intimate connection that creates closeness, pleasure and joy.

Sarah Clark To Rock Europe Convention Of Saints 2017(THY KINGDOM COME) Of The Royal House Chapel Uk

The Royal House Chapel UK hosts mega Event dubbed “THY KINGDOM COME” with the UK BaseD Talented Gospel Musician Sarah Clark.

The five(5) day program promises to be a wild, vibrant, youthful and intense worship and praise night as the Vibrant Songtress Rocks the program with her sweet angelic voice full of annointing at The Royal House Chapel(The Pod Kingsdale Alleyn Park SE218SB From WEDNESDAY 23RD TO SUNDAY 27TH AUGUST 2017. Time: 6:30pm EACH NIGHT (No Saturday Meeting).

The Powerful Men and Woman Of God Includes;
1. Bishop John Francis (Ruatch City Churches)
2. Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah (RCI Worldwide)
3. Rev.Mrs.Rita Korankye Ankrah (Premier Lady RCI Worldwide)

Finally She is counting on votes from loyal Fans to keep voting for her to win the BEST UK BASED NEW GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR & BEST UK BASED GOSPEL SONG OF THE YEAR.
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The Vibrant UK Based Gospel Artist Sarah Clark Spotted On A Bicycle


It’s not a surprise the multi-talented UK Based Gospel Artist SARAH CLARK has the skills to ride a bicycle on the street on France.

The “”It will come to pass” Hit Maker was spotted a few days ago on the streets of France riding a bicycle.Sarah Clark loves a good workout and is one of the fittest and prettiest Gospel Artist known for Good music and vibes.


Before moving the bike, Sarah disclosed that she was taking a ride in town since she is still in her holiday birthday celebration in France.She posted on facebook that “NEW AGE!! NEW RESPONSIBILITIES!! # IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES WHATEVER GOD HAS SAID ABOUT YOU, WILL SURELY COME TO PASS!!! 3b3 b3mu!! DO NOT GIVE UP!!! KEEP PUSHING TILL YOU BREAK FORTH!!!”

Below are pictures;

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Sarah Clark’s Birthday pictures with Family in France


The UK Based Singer who sings for the sick to get healed SARAH CLARK celebrated her Birthday on the saturday 5th August 2017 at France.The birthday celebration which took place at France last Saturday had in attendace frineds and family.

Lot of wishes came through via her facebook page with pictures.

SHE SAID “Awwwwww I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for your beautiful messages and phone calls wow wow wow am sooooo GREATFUL TO GOD to have great people like you awwwwwww love you all mwaaaaaah”..

Also as we all know she was nominated for the GHANA MUSIC AWARDS UK so pleading to fans to vote for her for the BEST UK BASED NEW GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR & BEST UK BASED GOSPEL SONG OF THE YEAR.

Below is the link to vote for her and some pictures and video of her Birthday Celebration.
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