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Sarah Clark to headline 2017 ENDLESS Worship In GHANA

UK Based Gospel Song Of The Year Winner ,SARAH CLARK, will headline the maiden edition of an upcoming biggest annointed gospel concert dubbed ENDLESS WORSHIP 2k17.

The event is to engage all gospel music lovers in a thrilling of music.Views from outsiders are tha, Sarah Clark is he best fir the event because she is known for her captivating and soulful music delivery.

The event will be held on the 8th October 2017 @ United Church Of God – Central Assembly _Nungua adjacent Adb Bank. Time:3:00pm and is been powered by OMC.

Gospel Ministers to represent are; Min.Paa Sammy, Min. Nii Isaiah, Min. Nana Gyasi, Min. Evelyn Mintah, Min.Awurama Ahinful, Min.MP Nation, Min. Jackson Quaye, Min. Adela Abigail and many more…

Come lets bow in WORSHIP.

Psalm 95:6 

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Message from the camp of Sarah Clark Music

God can delay our dreams for a reason. He would want to make sure we are fully prepared to handle the next level of promotion. Once He sees that we are not ready, He will keep moulding us to conform to His will. For instance, when God called Moses, He took him through the wilderness for about 40 years, so he could unlearn some of the things he learnt as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and to learn how to depend solely on Jehovah.

David also had to leave his father’s house at an early age to look after sheep, so that he could know the Lord as his Shepherd. Finally, Joseph went through character testing before his dreams were fulfilled. So you too must pass the test.

Good morning and have a blessed weekend.

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Message from Sarah Ckark to Fans…

​What is the motivation behind the things you do? The songs you sing and the words you preach? Are they to please God or you just want to prove a point? God weighs our motives, the intents of our heart and knows exactly what is in there. It is time we do things because we want to please God and not because we seek man’s approval.

When a man claps for you, the echo may only last for a few seconds. But when God claps for you, the whole earth will hear the sound and feel the impact. Seek to please God, not mere men!

Good morning and have a blessed day.

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◆ Sarah Clark

Venue:United Church Of God. Sheperd’s House Auditorium Adjacent ADB Bank-Nungua.

Date: 8thOctober,2017

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The Battle Has Ended – Sarah Clark

Kindly vote for SarahClark in the following categories of the 2017  GOSPEL MUSIC  AWARDS UK (GMAUK 2017)



Steps to VOTE

Step 1.-Click on the Link below 👇

Step 1.- Type in the alphabet  correctly

Step 2.-Click Next 

Step 3.-Choose *It will Come to pass  (SarahClark)

Step 4.-Click Next 

Step 6.-Choose *SarahClark 

Step 7.-Please Click Next  to SUBMIT

Thank You for your support and Stay Blessed.

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Sarah Clark To Rock Europe Convention Of Saints 2017(THY KINGDOM COME) Of The Royal House Chapel Uk

The Royal House Chapel UK hosts mega Event dubbed “THY KINGDOM COME” with the UK BaseD Talented Gospel Musician Sarah Clark.

The five(5) day program promises to be a wild, vibrant, youthful and intense worship and praise night as the Vibrant Songtress Rocks the program with her sweet angelic voice full of annointing at The Royal House Chapel(The Pod Kingsdale Alleyn Park SE218SB From WEDNESDAY 23RD TO SUNDAY 27TH AUGUST 2017. Time: 6:30pm EACH NIGHT (No Saturday Meeting).

The Powerful Men and Woman Of God Includes;
1. Bishop John Francis (Ruatch City Churches)
2. Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah (RCI Worldwide)
3. Rev.Mrs.Rita Korankye Ankrah (Premier Lady RCI Worldwide)

Finally She is counting on votes from loyal Fans to keep voting for her to win the BEST UK BASED NEW GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR & BEST UK BASED GOSPEL SONG OF THE YEAR.
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The Vibrant UK Based Gospel Artist Sarah Clark Spotted On A Bicycle


It’s not a surprise the multi-talented UK Based Gospel Artist SARAH CLARK has the skills to ride a bicycle on the street on France.

The “”It will come to pass” Hit Maker was spotted a few days ago on the streets of France riding a bicycle.Sarah Clark loves a good workout and is one of the fittest and prettiest Gospel Artist known for Good music and vibes.


Before moving the bike, Sarah disclosed that she was taking a ride in town since she is still in her holiday birthday celebration in France.She posted on facebook that “NEW AGE!! NEW RESPONSIBILITIES!! # IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES WHATEVER GOD HAS SAID ABOUT YOU, WILL SURELY COME TO PASS!!! 3b3 b3mu!! DO NOT GIVE UP!!! KEEP PUSHING TILL YOU BREAK FORTH!!!”

Below are pictures;

Finally She is counting on votes from loyal Fans to keep voting for her to win the BEST UK BASED NEW GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR & BEST UK BASED GOSPEL SONG OF THE YEAR.
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Sarah Clark’s Birthday pictures with Family in France


The UK Based Singer who sings for the sick to get healed SARAH CLARK celebrated her Birthday on the saturday 5th August 2017 at France.The birthday celebration which took place at France last Saturday had in attendace frineds and family.

Lot of wishes came through via her facebook page with pictures.

SHE SAID “Awwwwww I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for your beautiful messages and phone calls wow wow wow am sooooo GREATFUL TO GOD to have great people like you awwwwwww love you all mwaaaaaah”..

Also as we all know she was nominated for the GHANA MUSIC AWARDS UK so pleading to fans to vote for her for the BEST UK BASED NEW GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR & BEST UK BASED GOSPEL SONG OF THE YEAR.

Below is the link to vote for her and some pictures and video of her Birthday Celebration.
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Counselor Lutterodt makes shocking revelation about virgins

lut.jpgVirginity is deemed a priceless trophy every woman is expected to present to the man who is worthy enough to ask for her hand in marriage after the long wait to deflower her at the opportune time (ie after marriage).

For this reason, there are a lot of perceptions about virgins including, the belief that they ooze with “out of the world” taste during a sexual intercourse, the perfect wives, get the best husbands among others, but here’s what controversial sex therapist Counselor George Lutterodt has to say about this perception.

“Virgins are a burden!” he established on popular GHOne relationship show, “Tales from the powder room” on Wednesday.

He explained that virgins come to marriage with all manner of baggage and expectations after sampling myriad views from friends about sex and they tend not to keep their private parts well because they have not had the use for their “envy of all mankind” over the years.

He was however quick to add that, there is nothing wrong with keeping one’s virginity till marriage, but they (virgins) must have their own reasons for choosing to remain untouched and stand by their decision with pride.

Churches ‘full’ of masturbating virgins – Counselor Lutterodt

lutterodtCounselor George Lutterodt has revealed that they are plenty of ‘masturbating virgins’ in churches and stressed that such women can never be satisfied by any man.

He explained that “there are women who claim they are virgins and yet satisfy themselves with all manner of pleasurable items including vibrating cell phones, and all manner of sex toys.”

The Counselor affectionately called “The emotional fixer” made this claim on GHOne’s relationship programme, ‘Tales from the Powder Room’ on Wednesday during a discussion on the phenomenon of virginity, society’s view of virgins, how they are perceived and the ‘hard’ truth about remaining chaste till one enters marriage.

He categorized yet to be ‘deflowered’ women under the following; infant virgins, secondary virgins, and masturbating virgins.

Per the controversial counselor’s explanations:

Infant Virgins have never engaged in sexual relations since birth,

Secondary Virgins have engaged in sexual acts before but have decided to never again get intimate with a man till they decide otherwise at a later time,

Masturbating Virgins use sex toys and other items to excite themselves but do not have sexual relations with a man.

He established that there are many women in churches who fall within the “Masturbating virgin bracket” and cautioned against it, noting that such women can hardly be pleased by their men when they later settle down in marriage.

“If you are a man and marries such women you can never satisfy them in bed because you (the man) is competing with a machine! (vibrator and other sex toys)”

“But how can you a man, compete with a machine to satisfy a woman who pleasures herself with vibrating devices?” he queried.

He, however, admitted that though today’s society has their own opinions about getting involved with a virgin, “if you are a virgin, know why you have decided to remain as such and stand by it with pride.”

He maintained that keeping one’s self till they marry before having sex is the best way to avoid guilt, sexually transmitted diseases STD’s, etc but does not mean that they are guaranteed a problem free marriage.


Daughter of Glorious Jesus endorses Sarah Clark


If you grew up in the early 90s and early 2000s, and you were brought up in the church way, then you probably remember that girl who would sing a song by Daughters of Glorious Jesus at Sunday School.

We all loved and still love their songs. And yes, some of us had a crush on one, two or all three of them. Just the way their voices would blend to make the music soothing and uplifting, is something that we haven’t had any gospel music group in Ghana do yet.

The Ghanaian Vibrant singers Daughters of Glorious Jesus have showered praises on the UK Based Ghanaian Gospel artiste Sarah Clark for been nominated for two(2) categories in the Ghana Music Awards UK.

A video posted by Sarah Clark, has the Vibrant Singers sending ‘shout outs’ and singing happily for  Sarah Clark as she was nominated.They therefore plead to her fans and their fans to vote for Sarah Clark and they know #It will come to Pass.

Below are the categories for Sarah Clark and the link ;


Manye Stone

Gertrude Forson

Minister Ike

Maame Serwaa

Hannah A. Donkor

Elder Ofori

Charlie Barnes

Nana Achia

Sarah Clark

Mama Comfort

Prophet Eliyahu Boateng

Yaw Boateng

Bishop Merry Frimpomaah

Alice Bee


You Are The One – Minister Owura Jay

Boafo ne Awurade – Hannah A. Donkor

Land of God – Justice Odoi

#It will come to Pass – Sarah Clark#

Onyame Tumi Adi Nyinaa Ye – Comfort Amankwah

Se Nyame Nni Mua – Mama Cee

Alpha and Omega – Amankwah Tiah

Me nsa aka Me De3 – Theodora Gospel

Give Me You – P.K. Boadi

My Soul Says Yes – Sonnie Badu

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Watch Daughters of Glorious Jesus praise Sarah Clark in the video below: